A Wedding Planner vs. a Venue Coordinator: Do I really need both?

Your venue of choice may supply an On-site Venue Coordinator. So why bother looking into hiring a Wedding Planner? I get it, wedding planners are not cheap! However, they can become your life saver during the planning process. Not saying that planning your own wedding is a bad idea, but having a professional by your side can come in handy.

As a planner, I hear this statement all the time: “My venue supplies me with a coordinator to ensure my wedding goes smoothly”. I say, that’s fantastic. In fact, I love having a venue supply a coordinator, simply because they have an advantage on your wedding planner.

A wedding planner and a venue coordinator are great add-ons to your wedding planning success, because they are able to work as a team to ensure successful planning and a stress free wedding day for you and your fiancé. However, the two are completely different as in what they offer to help your wedding be beautiful and smooth. With the tips below, you will see the benefits of hiring both parties for your wedding day!

“My venue is great for your wedding, and here is why!” – Venue Coordinator

The venue coordinator knows the venue like the back of their hand. This location is their one and only place of employment. While you see it as your dream wedding location, the venue coordinator sees it as their business. Yes, it is the wedding planner’s job to know the venue just as well, but the venue coordinator already has it all memorized. The wedding planner can use this to their advantage as a time saver, so she can keep her focus on your wedding. Once the venue is established, the wedding planner will get in contact with the venue coordinator to collaborate planning details to allow you to have the most beautiful wedding without abusing the property.

I will create the wedding of your dreams, down to the very last detail!”- Wedding Planner

While planning your wedding, you will have questions come up. “Which DJ is best for us? Will the caterer clean up at the end of the night? Where can I store my stuff before and after the wedding?” Even though the venue coordinator has many connections that they personally like to use at their venue, they do not specialize in helping you book the vendors that are the right fit for you. Allowing a wedding planner to assist you in the vendor selection will ensure that you have a vendor that is well-trusted and ideal for you and your guests. Your wedding planner knows all the vendors in the area, and spend months of prep time working with these vendors individually. Wedding planners know which vendors work well together; creating a team that will connect well with you, your fiancé, and your guests as well.

“Everything must be perfect! Down to the very last detail!” – A Blushing Bride

The big day is here! Who do you trust with everything? The venue manager may have your set up of the tables and chairs up and ready, but who puts all of the décor on the tables or ensures your escort cards correspond with each table. While you may assume all set up is done by the staff at the venue, you may be mistaken. Most of the time, the venue coordinator is managing the catering staff and making sure the presentation of the venue is the best for the event. Your wedding planner is who oversees all the details the day of your wedding. The planner will be standing by making sure that every vendor is doing their job and ensuring that the wedding maintains the time line. Most venue coordinators are on site way before the remainder of the staff, so they will typically leave once the dinner hour is completed. Although each venue is different, it is important to have that main point of contact between all vendors and family involved in the planning of your wedding.

Since you got the inside scoop, share on our Facebook page the benefits your planner has been for you on your wedding day. Have more questions? Shoot me an email; I’d love to chat!


All of you brides that got the inside scoop, share on our Facebook page the benefits your planner has been for you on your wedding day. Are you still unsure about hiring a wedding planner? Shoot me an email; I’d love to chat!